Travels with a king of the road

November 3, 2011  | by: Angela Duval

Bugg, or his full name – Bandit Spencer Duval – is a Boston terrier pug mix. His breed is referred to as bugg.

My husband, Leonard, and I adopted Bandit when he was an eight-weeks-old puppy in July 2007. Since then, he’s been riding in the cab with my husband, whose been an over-the-road driver for more than 20 years.

As you can see in the photos here, taken inside my husband’s 1999 Freightliner Classic soon after we met Bandit, he displays himself as a prominent King of the Road. His personality fits that title well. He makes friends everywhere he goes.

Our dog jumps up and is ready to go for a walk the second my husband sets the truck brake. Even if we’ve just gone for a walk, return to the truck, move it around a warehouse or truck stop and set the brakes again, Bandit is already waiting at the door ready to go for another walk.

Dog and trucker travel all over the United States and Canada in now a 2007 Kenworth T600. Their runs include New York City, although Bandit loves it and so does Leonard.

A couple of nights ago at sunset, Leonard was walking Bandit at a truck stop.  As usual, Bandit made friends with a guy  walking back to his truck.  The man stopped to pet him and play with him and made the mistake of saying, “What a cute little girl.”  Since it was already dark outside and Bandit’s small height and dark coloration, it’s hard to see he is a boy.  Anyway, our dog, Mr. Personality, lets out three sharp, loud barks, as though to say, “I’m A Boy!”

My oh-so-funny husband told the man that Bandit was letting him know he is a boy and that Bandit gets his mouth and attitude from his mother! Well — I gotta love my guys.

As a driver’s wife, I highly recommend a dog for companionship for our trucking husbands or significant others. It helps tremendously with the loneliness that goes along with this job, having Bandit there with him.

Having a dog also requires my husband to climb out of the cab several times a day to walk him, so Leonard is getting exercise too.

And it’s much safer for truckers who have dogs in their cabs. Bandit is a little fella, but he has a big bark.

Angela Duval is a resident of Malone, N.Y.

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