The secret is out!

September 29, 2011  | by: By Bonnie Weekley, Reprinted from “Time out with Miss B,” the Bertrand (Neb.) Herald

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Who would have guessed a bunch of cotton batting and fur could cause so much trouble.


A dog like this live border collie may be what passersby think they see when they glimpse stuffed toy Goodwill in Big Al's pickup.


A trip to our favorite mini-mall, and being avid animal lovers, our find for the day ended up being some of the best bucks ever spent on entertainment. Our new “best friend,” a border collie we named Goodwill, sits in our 1969 convertible buckled up in the back seat. He anxiously watches our ever move with his tongue hanging out flapping and his long black hair blowing back as we go down the road.

The only thing he begs for is that next ride as he sits and waits in the car or the pickup always ready to go.

He’s gotten us in a pickle or two. One day while we were shopping at the local Wal-Mart, passersby called the police to check on the dog. “That dog is left in the car on this hot day,” they told the officers.

Once at the cellphone store, a UPS driver ran in and said, “Anyone see whose car that is? Someone left his dog in that hot car”!

Talk about a con artist – our dog has been given more free biscuits than he will ever need from the bank and fast food restaurants. Some servers have been unintentionally hilarious as they reach down to serve us our food and jump back startled and probably thinking our furry friend will snap at them.

Ornery as we are, or maybe we are just getting old and desperate for entertainment, we sit in the restaurants purposely by the windows to watch the car with its top down while people walk by, talk to him, walk around him stunned or staring, and then come looking for the owners inside. We’ve been asked more times than we can remember, “Is he real”?

Making us many roadside friends and bringing a smile and laugh to each one, Goodwill is the best $5 we ever spent or – some may say – wasted.



Bonnie Weekley, with Goodwill next to her, processes in her convertible for the Bertrand Days parade and festival.



Bonnie Weekley is editor and publisher of the Bertrand Herald weekly newspaper in Bertrand, Neb., along with her husband, Big Al Weekley, host of the weekly Dispatch Me Home streaming radio show. Read about Bonnie, also known as Queen B, and Big Al here.







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