The Lady in White

September 27, 2010  | by: Lucinda Coulter

Truckers gave Ellen Hill, of Valencia, Pa., the moniker, The Lady in White, well before she earned her CDL in 1994.

As a nurse, she visited truck stops, any along Interstate 80, to test nursing assistants for their state certification. As she made treks going west on I-80, she talked to several truckers on her CB radio and eventually taught several of them how to administer CPR.  Truckers gave her the handle for her professional dress of the white uniform, which made her title all the more appropriate when she bought her first truck — a white White brand.

Eventually Hill returned to nursing, but she learned some valuable lessons on routes to New York City and several New England states. “I learned that you must cross the George Washington Bridge before 5 a.m. to beat the traffic, arrive at your destination and then nap until shippers wake you to unload.”

The Sagittarian who says she enjoys traveling “at a moment’s notice,” has many fond memories: “I practiced defensive driving and had no accidents. Even with the long hours and paperwork, I did enjoy the whole experience of being a female Transportation Engineer of Commercial Commodities.”

Look for more stories from the Lady in White on Readers Remember.

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