Mass 10: a driver’s oasis

October 28, 2010  | by: Lucinda Coulter

The Mass 10 Truck Stop owned and operated by Gene Murphy in the 1960s and ’70s, near Auburn, Mass., had a memorable feature among travel plazas: a real for sure swimming hole.

Overdrive wrote about the popular weekend stopover in its July 1965 issue, from which the pages here are shown. For truckers who had driven through Boston, the scenic stop was an oasis.

“The loudest noise in the pine-shaded grove is the television,” the article says. “Some truckers have become so relaxed that they’ve stay for 10 to 12 days.”

The truck stop was at the junction of Routes 12 and 20, off of the Massachusetts Turnpike, and was named the Worcester Truck Stop before it was featured in the magazine. The lakehouse was on Lake Stiles, 8 miles from the stop, and Murphy provided truckers with transportation to and from the lakehouse, which had been his summer home. Overdrive reports. He served food and beverages in the bunk house, which slept 10 and had a telephone, TV, kitchen, beds, dressing rooms, cabana and showers.

Murphy, shown often in Overdrive ads wearing sunglasses and dressed immaculately, had a good rapport with truckers. He lived at the truck stop and “is available at any time to talk to truckers over a cup of coffee,” the article says.

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