A classic trio

February 7, 2012  | by: Lucinda Coulter

Former owner-operator Doug Fetterly has displayed his old Macks and classic cars together when possible for as long as he’s collected them, for nearly 40 years. In Overdrive’s March 1975 issue, a trio of his beauties were featured.

His1972  R Model Mack that he drove for the Burdett Oxygen Co. was that month’s Tractor of the Month Runner-Up. The two classic cars beside the Mack in the photo are Fetterly’s 1930 Model A Ford roadster and a 1939 Ford deluxe business coupe. Fetterly showed cars in the Can-Am Division of the International Showcar Association in 1975, when the roadster won first place in its class.

The Thousand Islands, N.Y., resident has also been active in antique truck groups and travels to shows regularly while he and his wife winter in Florida. He still owns the truck and the 1930 Ford, shown below in a current photo taken on display in Florida. Fetterly sold the 1939 Ford, still an all-time popular antique, 15 years ago.

He served in Vietnam as a 19-year-old and went into trucking back home in New York when his combat duty ended. He became an owner-operator in 1986. Though retired from full-time work, the trucking aficionado hasn’t completely given up work. When he’s back home in New York, he drives his 1992 RD Mack for the town of Diana, N.Y., where he works in the summer. “It’s the oldest truck the town has,” Fetterly says. “But I like it.”


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2 Responses to “A classic trio”

  1. Hank Ashton says:

    I met Doug at an ATHS show many years ago in upstate New York. I found that we had the same style B-61, served in the military at the same age, and had other similarities( I have a Model A also). Doug has helped myself and my other restorer friends find the right pieces to finish their projects. Doug introduced me , via the internet, to a mutual friend in Holland. We now enjoy the back and forth banter of truck enthusiasts from the Netherlands. Doug is as subtle as a freight train but I found that refreshing and have considered Doug a goof friend and an asset to the antique truck world.

  2. Hank Ashton says:

    I meant good friend, fat fingers.

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